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Research and Development

2D and 3D design services

Process simulation and pressure analysis

Technical consultation

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What we do?

We provide complete development, manufacturing and on-site assembly!

Technical design

  1. 2D technical design and complete technical documentation
  2. 3D product design (Solidworks, Catia, Creo PE)
  3. Technical consultation from our process engineering experts

Process simulation

  1. Process simulation for pre-treatment of biofuel production
  2. Process simulation for heat exchange units
  3. Process simulation for heat recovery units

Pressure analysis

  1. Pressure analysis for various types of vessels
  2. Licensed test from our subcontractors from TUV
  3. Technical consultation regarding maintainance

Technical consultation

  1. 2D and 3D design expertise
  2. Process simulation and analysis expertise
  3. Assembly and maintenance expertise