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What we do?

Tailored solutions for optimal digital presence and success.

IT consulting

  • Assessing Technology Needs: Existing systems analysis, identifying gaps, and recommend solutions to meet business objectives efficiently and effectively
  • Implementing Solutions: Design and implementation of technology solutions, such as software, hardware, and infrastructure upgrades, to improve productivity, security, and performance
  • Providing Training and Support: educate staff on new technologies, troubleshoot issues, and offer ongoing support to ensure smooth operations and maximize the benefits of implemented solutions.

Digital Transformation

  • Strategic Planning: Developing tailored strategies to align technology initiatives with business goals, identifying areas for innovation and improvement.
  • Change Management: Guiding organizations through cultural and organizational shifts, helping stakeholders embrace new technologies and processes for successful transformation
  • Implementation Oversight: oversee the execution of transformation initiatives, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives, managing resources, and monitoring progress to achieve desired outcomes.

Training & Workshops

  • Digital transformation of the company and introduction of digital business modelsKey elements, resources, and competencies needed for digital business
  • Digitalization is a continuous process – establishing a culture oriented towards development, Process control and traceability – data management – security in the digital world
  • Automation/robotization of processes
  • Implementation of modern technologies – Artificial Intelligence/IoT and their application in the business world – “Prompt engineering”

Odoo ERP

  • We are partnered with Odoo ERP system providers in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia
  • Based on our analysis of the business requirements of clients we determine the most suitable ERP solution for your organization.
  • Together with our partners, we help oversee the deployment of ERP systems, configuring software, migrating data, and ensuring integration with existing systems. 
  • We offer ongoing support to address issues, troubleshoot problems, and optimize system performance.